My teaching style reflects what I have learned from my teachers, which might be described as non-dogmatic and dynamic. It does not fit neatly into any one particular style. I do not follow one particular lineage of postural yoga. In fact recent scholarship has found that a great body of postural yoga is not thousands of years old as is commonly thought, but closer to a hundred years old.
I think the many years I spent in professional dance and as a Pilates teacher inform my classes with a sense of flow, precision, person-centred alignment, safety and, crucially, a healthy respect for different body types.
My classes generally consist of a warm up to prepare the body for larger movements. A series of sun salutations and standing postures that generate heat, before moving to the floor for some seated postures and savasana - the final relaxation at the end of class
Most importantly I try to impart the transformational qualities of āsana - postural yoga, prānāyāma - breathing practices and dhāranā - the yoga of concentration.
When the opportunity presents itself I also like to have fun and teach with a playful sense of humour.

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