My Pilates inspired matwork classes draw on the different influences I have been exposed to, which are namely Pilates, yoga, dance, gymnastics with a smattering of other modalities including strength training (weights), Alexander and Feldenkrais.
I believe that good functional movement is your birthright and I do my best to not only work your body in a balanced way from ‘top to tail' in every class, but to also get you thinking about your movement habits and the affect they have not just on your posture, but also your state of mind.
At times I like to work 'inside-out' with a strong emphasis on the invisible inner landscape (the energy/feeling body), mindfully experiencing how that inner landscape can affect the way we move. At other times in the same class I like to work 'outside-in', with a direct focus on physicality and how movement affects how we feel within.
No matter what your level of (in)activity, the Pilates method is a supreme way of offsetting imbalance caused by the lifestyle you lead. I don’t just teach the exercises - to the best of my ability I endeavour to build a dialogue with you to find the most suitable adaptations for each exercise to suit the individual architecture of your body.
Everybody is welcome and I teach all levels of ability. My group matwork classes have an inclusive feel and I do my best to foster a good communal spirit. I passionately believe that the sense of community built amongst the participants in my group classes is an enormous driver of wellbeing quite aside from the exercise content. Through my eyes this social aspect is movement too. There is so much more to movement than we might initially think.

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