Garuda Method® Apparatus Classes
I teach two group Garuda Apparatus classes per week at the following times,
Mondays at 10am
Wednesdays at 7pm
I also teach private sessions at the studio.
The Garuda Studio, 26-28 Finchley Road, London, NW8 6ES​​​​​
How to Book
•  If you have a smart phone download the MINDBODY App. Within the app search for 'Garuda' to find the studio and book classes from there. 
•  Or visit The Garuda Studio website to make a booking - though, due to a technical error this does not work for my 7pm Weds class
•  Perhaps the easiest way is to email the Garuda Studio directly via the mail icon below and ask if you can do a class with me (Adam Murby).

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